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POLYCOMPOUND AG offers three important groups of customers one important advantage.

Polymer and compound producers with their own mixing and kneading plants, e.g. large chemical producers
Customers with their own compounding plants can delay investment in a new plant, should economic conditions cause a drop in the required quantity. Part of the production is handled flexibly with us in addition to their own possibilities. Unprofitable plants are quickly shut down these days. Any remaining market of a product line is covered by the external machines. The toll manufacturing operation is more economical, because the general costs for each plant can be divided between different products and customers. It reaches a cost-effective capacity faster.

End processors with/without compounding, e.g. the cable industry
Cable manufacturers, extrusion companies and often injection moulding companies as well, are using more and more tailor-made plastic mixtures. However the annual tonnage is too low to justify having their own compounding plants. In addition, there is often a lack of necessary special knowledge, so it is preferable to outsource this procedure. The compound can then be adapted optimally and exclusively to requirements, which in turn brings advantages in end processing and competitiveness of the appropriate brand items.

Customers without own means of production, e.g. trading companies
There is an ideal synergy between the distributor and the producer. A high level of flexibility is guaranteed because the right compounding factory can be chosen for the particular product. The ideal infrastructure, consisting of international marketing, sales, consulting, logistics and distribution, is available at the trading company. The missing production services are covered externally by a competent, specialised enterprise. Trading companies have often taken over new products under license from large, chemical-producing companies. The partnership with POLYCOMPOUND AG offers optimum benefits for the production of these materials and their further development or modification, based closely on market demands.