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Polycompound AG offers excellent conditions for the processing of high quality compounds with very flexibly equipped machinery.

Upstream system
The raw materials can be fed in in different forms (e.g. granulates, ground material, pre-mix powders). Liquids can also be added separately. All the materials are fed in by gravimetric, precision-weighing systems.

Core element
We rely on the polyvalent Co-kneader. All machines have plug shafts. These are assembled from a selection of various kneading tools. The configuration of the elements can therefore be adapted optimally to the different requirements.

The know-how required for this is one of our strengths !

Number of machines Kneader type Ø of housing [mm] ideal job sizes
1 CK 45 46 15 - 2000 kg
2 MDK/E 46 46 15 - 2000 kg
2 MDK/E 100 100 2 - 50 tonnes
2 MDK/E 200 200 greater than 50 tonnes

Downstream system
Different types of granulate may be moulded. Hot beating with water or air cooling and extrusion granulation. The granulates are classified after cooling and drying. They are packed in different forms such as sacks, cardboard boxes or big bags, according to the needs of the customer.