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We produce tailor-made compounds according to customer formulas

Toll compounding

Production of compounds ranges from small quantities to several hundred tonnes and is carried out under strict confidentiality. We offer a range of tailor-made solutions to meet all requirements.

Our target groups

Areas of application

Don’t see your segment on the list? Please contact us. Polycompound is always keen to step into new markets.

Our skills

As experts with decades of experience in the field of compounding, we are the ideal partner for the production of standard and special-purpose compounds.

Additional services

Besides compounding, we are also happy to assist you with the procurement of raw materials and packaging. We can also manage transport and offer a range of storage facilities for compounds.

Raw material procurement

We will be happy to handle the procurement of raw materials on an order-specific basis.


We offer a diverse range of packaging materials – from pallets, bags and inliners to various models of octabin.


We work with several transport companies and will be happy to manage shipment of your compounds according to your needs.


We provide storage facilities – both for finished compounds and for raw materials.


Successful scale-up – the aim of good development

Polycompound’s machine park covers a wide range of throughputs, from approx. 15 to 1,500 kg/hr, and can therefore develop your new product on technically similar systems from the experimental stage through to serial production. This ensures consistent product quality at every step of the process.

When it comes to scale-up, co-kneaders are the ideal tool thanks to their construction and process control. In the case of a similar machine (L/D ratio) and a similar kneading-shaft construction, it’s generally possible to switch to larger machines quickly and without additional correction loops.

This allows you to launch your product quickly and without investing in systems yourself. After all, speed is often a decisive factor when it comes to putting good ideas into practice.


Strict confidentiality

Trust and transparency are of utmost importance to us.

High flexibility

Flat hierarchies and lean working processes allow us to respond flexibly and spontaneously to customer requests.

Possibilities for scale-up

We will support you from small quantities through to large-scale production.


Quality is a top priority – because top quality represents a key competitive advantage, both for you and for us.

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Peter Imhof

Our utmost aim is to fulfil the needs and requests of our customers to the desired standard at all times.

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Martina Schaub

As Head of Supply Chain Management, I’m responsible for the procurement of all raw materials, packaging and consumables. My key tasks include daily coordination with the sales and production team and close collaboration with customers and suppliers.

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