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For us, quality and confidentiality are top priority


Quality as a guiding principle

As a Swiss company, we’re aware of our industry’s tradition of producing high-quality products – and with our work, we’re helping to write the next chapter of this story every day through our work. In order to meet our customers’ high-quality standards, the individual line setup for each and every product is documented separately at Polycompound.

Qualität und Expertise | Quality and Expertise

Quality does not start with manufacturing.

Our expert team and adaptable production and quality assurance equipment guarantee high customer satisfaction and competitive products. To this end, we’ve implemented a quality management system (QMS) in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. Polycompound attaches great importance to a pragmatic, lean and active quality management system .

By consistently applying the QMS, we help our employees to develop on an ongoing basis as well as to optimise our processes through continuous improvements. In our eyes, deviations in quality are opportunities to learn – and we use these opportunities to achieve our objective of optimising the quality of our work, and therefore, the satisfaction of customers and staff.

All processes can be seamlessly traced thanks to electronic process recording, ensuring a certain product is produced with exactly the same quality every time.

Quality control

Constant process monitoring is ensured by our in-house quality control team, which monitors all production processes around the clock and takes customer-specific measurements. In order to meet our high quality standards, the quality control laboratory is also subject to regular performance reviews by an independent external body.


Rather than being an obstacle, confidentiality regarding the formula is a matter of course.

At Polycompound, maintaining strict confidentiality regarding our customers’ recipe knowledge is our rule number one. This undertaking is generally given legal protection in the form of a written agreement. After all, the formula is and remains the property of the customer, even when we develop new recipes together. Polycompound has upheld this principle for over 30 years and engages exclusively in contract processing – in other words, we don’t supply any of our own products or recipes on the market. Our customers, therefore, enjoy additional certainty when it comes to working with us.

Geheimhaltung und Vertrauen | Confidentiality and Trust

Vision and mission

Principles and guidelines

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Meik Wissert

Our process and procedural expertise is reflected by the product and formulation expertise of our customers. Protecting that knowledge is vital if they are to be competitive in the market, so we guarantee absolute confidentiality and discretion. This is underpinned by our ethos of not entering the market with our own formulations and products.

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Carsten Klimke

Quality is the top priority in our in-house testing laboratory. I’m responsible for ensuring that the jointly defined quality standards are met, in line with your expectations.

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