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Conductive Compounds with high filling levels

Conductive compounds

Co-kneaders – ideal processing machines

In polymer compounds, conductivity is usually achieved using high filling levels of carbon black. The challenge during the production of conductive compounds is not only to add carbon black to the polymer. It’s also vital to incorporate the carbon black gently, yet distribute it evenly. Introducing too much energy can destroy the structure of the carbon black, such that it loses its conductive properties. Introducing too little energy leads to insufficient distribution in the compound – and therefore in the finished component or semifinished product.

Thanks to their construction and process control, co-kneaders are ideal processing machines for manufacturing conductive compounds. Shear profiles along the process line are defined by the modular kneading screw and can be configured in a reproducible manner. High punctual loads, such as those in the intermeshing area of twin-screw extruders, do not occur here.


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