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Polycompound’s vision and mission


Our vision is to be a market leader for high-quality global services in the field of tailor-made polymer compounding.


Our mission is to achieve an ideal combination of customer orientation, outstanding quality and sustainability.

In doing so, we strive to achieve the utmost flexibility while maintaining strict confidentiality. We leverage our proven expertise in the field of polymer compounding to manufacture high-quality, application-oriented and tailor-made special compounds with outstanding properties for our international clientele. We deliver customer-oriented services independently and by applying our multifaceted and considerable expertise. We’ve made it our aim to ensure the healthy long-term development of our company through efficient, technological and forward-looking service provision.

Our toll manufacturing strategy has proven highly effective in previous years and remains our policy as we look to the future. There is growing demand for application-oriented and tailor-made polymer mixtures and the path towards these high-performance materials necessarily involves polymer compounding. This work is carried out by Polycompound as part of a sophisticated refinement process. Our aim is to work professionally, efficiently, precisely and in an orderly manner and to take our customers’ requirements into account. We believe it’s important to establish partnerships with customers, companies and suppliers. By developing future compounds through intensive collaboration with new and existing customers, we’re already working on tomorrow’s products today.

What’s more, we’re always keen to tap into new markets.

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Thomas Manetsch

Openness, passion and job satisfaction drive our expert team to deliver high-quality services while maintaining customer confidentiality and meeting customer expectations.

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