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Polycompound's milestones and achievements


Since its establishment over 30 years ago, Polycompound can look back on an impressive success story and has grown to become a leading European company. Polycompound has experienced continuous and stable economic growth and has built up an outstanding reputation in the sector. Here, we look at a few key milestones that the company has experienced on its path to success.

Company origins

The story began when a group of four founders took over a Buss MDK100 co-kneader and founded Polycompound AG on the premises of Nebiker AG, a Sissach-based company manufacturing agricultural products. They set up their first MDK-100 Buss line in a warehouse and went into operation.



Already at the time of its founding, Polycompound could draw on many years of experience in co-kneader technology. This expertise dates back even further than the company itself, which is now over 30 years old.


10 years of Polycompound

By the company’s 10th anniversary, three more lines had been installed – the MDK46, MDK100 and MDK200 models – thus increasing annual production capacity to over 5,000 tonnes. Production activities grew to include the manufacture of expandable compounds, HFFR and semi-conducting cable materials and fibre-reinforced polyamides. A new production and storage building was built in 1997/1998 to meet market requirements.


The new millennium

Polycompound’s innovative approach to compounding technology continued into the new millennium. In 2007, the company invested in modernising the systems and extruders to ensure safe handling of bio-based fillers and nanotube additives. The MDK140 line was also replaced by a larger MDK200, increasing annual production to over 9,000 tonnes.


Renovation of the development centre

The development centre was expanded in 2014 to offer customers the best possible support for job order production. It was supplemented again the following year with a new co-kneader line from X-Compound.


New capacity for production, offices & warehousing

The current expansion represents the company’s most significant investment in the future to date. The construction of new production, storage and office facilities secures the company’s long-term development and creates new opportunities for bespoke solutions for customers. The construction project began in the second quarter of 2021 and the facilities are expected to go into operation in the third and fourth quarter of 2022. Investment in a new production line from X-Compound is also expanding capacity. Besides the production facilities, Polycompound is also building a modern two-storey office complex and a cutting-edge development centre. Before the new facilities go live, Polycompound is already operating seven co-kneader systems, ranging from the production of very small batches to quantities of over 1,500 kg/hr. During the construction phase, Polycompound ensured the accustomed level of service to all of its customers. According to Jan Schweizer, who is managing the expansion, the company has achieved this effectively thanks to its flexible partners, in spite of certain constraints.


Principles and guidelines

Vision and mission

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