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Flexible machinery for high-quality compounding

With our versatile machinery, Polycompound offers ideal conditions for high-quality compounding. Thanks to our production lines, we always meet the highest quality standards. To this end, we use continuous mixing and kneading systems of different dimensions.

At present, our stock of machinery encompasses seven production systems with various throughputs, allowing us to produce everything from small quantities to batches of several hundred tonnes.


With extremely flexibly equipped machinery, Polycompound provides optimal conditions for the processing of high-quality compounds. The numerous different and flexible peripheral devices offer countless processing possibilities.

Upstream system

Raw materials can be added in different forms (e.g. granules, ground material or pre-mix powders). Liquids can also be added separately. All raw materials are dosed continuously using gravimetric precision-weighing systems.

Core element

We use polyvalent co-kneaders, and all the machines have plug shafts that are made up of various selectable kneading tools. Accordingly, the configuration of the various elements can be adapted to a wide range of requirements.

This is the result of considerable expertise – one of our key strengths.

Sizes in use (diameter):

Downstream system

Various types of granulation are available for moulding, including hot beating with water or air cooling, underwater granulation and extrusion granulation. After cooling or drying, the granules are classified and packaged into various containers such as sacks, cardboard boxes or big bags in accordance with customer requirements.

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Our flexible production facilities create the ideal conditions for developing new products or optimising existing ones. Our co-kneader systems are highly suited to scaling up thanks to their structure and process control functions.
Our development centre, consisting of two small co-kneaders, is especially effective at testing and developing compounds in small production quantities.
By coupling your formulation expertise with our skill in the field of process engineering, we can develop the products of tomorrow together – maintaining strict confidentiality, of course.

Geheimhaltung und Vertrauen | Confidentiality and Trust
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Sustainable business development is a key principle at Polycompound. To that end, Polycompound invests annually in its existing systems and peripherals in order to continue upgrading its machinery. Alongside these modernisation projects, we also invest in new production areas, systems and peripherals every year. Quite often, we will make new purchases for specific projects, in consultation with our customers. This approach allows us to keep our finger on the pulse and stay primed for the future.

Verantwortung | Responsibility
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Jan Schweizer

Polycompound’s ability and willingness to keep on investing in facilities and equipment has impressed me since day one.

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Stefan Abt

My work and my personal passion is transforming problems into solutions. As I see it, there’s no such thing as impossible.

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