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Highly filled compounds - for masterbatches for example

Highly filled compounds

The kneading screw of ko kneaders is modular and therefore flexibly adjustable for each application.

High filling levels are essential for the production of master batches, for example. The challenge in the manufacturing of highly filled compounds lies in incorporating large quantities of additives and ensuring an even distribution. In this regard, co-kneaders are very adaptable. The kneading screw is of modular design and can be fitted with kneading or conveying elements depending on the application.

Our machines are also equipped with up to five inlets, allowing for large quantities of additives to be distributed to multiple positions for better incorporation. Thermally or mechanically sensitive additives can be added further downstream. These are just two ways in which our production processes for highly filled compounds can be adapted to the respective conditions.


Strict confidentiality

Trust and transparency are of utmost importance to us.

High flexibility

Flat hierarchies and lean working processes allow us to respond flexibly and spontaneously to customer requests.

Possibilities for scale-up

We will support you from small quantities through to large-scale production.


Quality is a top priority – because top quality represents a key competitive advantage both for you and for us
Martina Schaub

As Head of Supply Chain Management, I’m responsible for the procurement of all raw materials, packaging and consumables. My key tasks include daily coordination with the sales and production team and close collaboration with customers and suppliers.

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