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Sustainability - our responsibility for the future

In all of our activities, we attach importance to sustainability in the sense of achieving a balance between economic efficiency, social responsibility and a responsible approach to the environment.

Our employees’ origin, age, gender, religion and education are irrelevant to us. We believe that the diversity of society is beneficial for our corporate culture. We’re committed to responsible conduct when it comes to occupational safety and the economical use of resources.

Polycompound is actively engaged in optimising energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions and has adopted corresponding commitments in a target agreement. These measures include the procurement and self-generation of solar energy.

Sustainability is not simply a question of the environment. Human and working rights, ethics and sustainable procurement are other key criteria that we regularly submit for auditing and certification by an independent external body.


When it comes to occupational safety, we make a clear statement with our membership in the Sicherheits-Charta (Safety charter) and therefore by introducing and demanding adherence to the STOP principle.

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Jan Schweizer

We determine exactly how to make meaningful improvements in terms of energy and the environment, and how to implement projects that exceed the expectations of our stakeholders.

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Meik Wissert

For us, sustainability means thinking about the challenges of the future today. We take environmental, social and economic responsibility in everything we think and do. That’s why we are constantly scrutinising our actions and laying the foundations for a sustainable future at an early stage

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