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Temperature- and shear-sensitive mixtures

Temperature- and shear-sensitive mixtures

The temperature of the molten material is continuously monitored at up to eight positions along the shaft.

Compounding results are mainly influenced by the temperature profile along the process line and the shear energy that is introduced. Both the temperature and the shear energy are necessary in order to melt the polymer and guarantee the mixing effect. However, in temperature and shear-sensitive mixtures, too much can lead to the thermal and/or mechanical destruction of certain components of the formulation. Classic examples include temperature-sensitive mixtures such as polymers (e.g. PVC) and reinforcers such as carbon or glass fibres.

Thanks to its modular kneading screw, the process line on the co-kneader can be precisely adapted to specific requirements of temperature and shear-sensitive mixtures, ensuring defined energy input and precise temperature control. Simultaneously, when compounding temperature-sensitive mixtures, the melt temperature is monitored at up to eight positions along the screw. If any changes are detected (e.g. on batch changes), countermeasures can be initiated if necessary.


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